Leather Laptop Sleeve

From: £175

Protect your precious laptop with the understated luxury of a full leather sleeve case. Made in a selection of our premium full-grain leathers, and fully lined in soft and lint-free microsuede, these cases are cleverly designed to accommodate a variety of sizes, and their simple envelope closure keeps everything safely inside. There are no poppers or magnets to press into your laptop, scratch it on the way in or out or cause uneven wear on the leather. In this case, less is definitely more. With use, your case will gently mould to the shape of your laptop and polish to form a lovely patina reflecting it’s journey with you.

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From: £175


Personalise with Embossed Initials

Personalise with a message on the leather

Key Features

13/14″ – 34.7 x 25.3cm (13.7″ x 10“) Approx 0.2kg
15/16″ – 39 x 28cm (15.4″ x 11“) Approx 0.22kg

Designed to fit the new 14″ and 16″ Macbook Pros, many other laptops will also fit, and even if the case is a little large, the envelope design will keep it safely enclosed.



A smooth and versatile leather that lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of styles. Crafted from carefully selected hides, and with a softly polished finish, this softly glossy leather allows the natural beauty and richness of the hide to show.

Aztec Crazyhorse

Our distinctive Aztec Crazyhorse leather is the one to choose if you’d like your laptop sleeve to look like it’s got a few stories to tell! A pull-up or two-tone leather which is hot-stuffed with oils during the tanning process, Aztec has a lived-in look and is super tough.


Elba has a tumbled, grainy finish that is soft and pliable. A top-end, fully vegetable-tanned leather, it burnishes beautifully with use, each rub and stroke delivering a rewarding polish from your everyday endeavours.

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Bespoke & Personalisation

Like all Tusting bags, these laptop covers are designed, cut and hand-crafted in our Lavendon workshop, which gives us great flexibility. We can make your case even more special by personalising it with initials or even creating it in a bespoke colour from our set of leathers. Initials are ‘blind’ embossed on the Aztec and Chestnut Elba variants, and foil embossed on the other colours; if you would like your initials done a different way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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