Leather Backpacks

For the ultimate in hands-free luxury bags, our collection of leather backpacks is ever-expanding. The fastest-growing category of bags is massively popular for good reason.


The ultimate modern classic - a leather backpack that is sassy, stylish and ultra-practical.


Simple luxury comes in the guise of our new Millbrook backpack. Just the right balance between simplicity and function.

Available in three classic colourways.


We believe this is one of the best looking leather backpacks around today. This new design, a roll-top style leather rucksack, combines form and functional in equally successful measure.

Available in three classic colourways.


When you need a business bag to help balance the working load then the Tusting Seaton is the one: this zipped leather backpack has totally got your back.

Available in three classic colourways.


A little retro and a little modern, a bag for backpack adventures.

Available in our classic Safari Canvas colourway.

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