When we say we are committed to our bags for as long as you own them, we really mean that, and we have a steady supply of old bags coming in for restoration after many years of well-loved but hard life. Usually a little repairing here and there is required to refresh the binding, brassware or tabs and a good feed and polish will do wonders for a slightly dried-out and scratched-up bag. These old bags need some Tusting Tenderlove – tender loving care from Tusting.

Here’s a little photo-gallery of a recent refurbishment on a nice old Melchbourne briefcase, with each pair of shots showing the bag before and after restoration. This case, which is about ten years old, came in having given daily service – the binding was beginning to wear through on the corners and the brass loops that take the shoulder strap had worn through and been lost. The front closure tabs were also looking rather worse for wear. On top of all this, although the bag itself was perfectly sound, it looked rather dry and scratched, so generally in need of a bit of tlc.

First thing’s first. The binding and any other worn-out trimmings are removed and replaced with carefully-chosen pieces of leather to match, as closely as possible, the original bag. This alone has a remarkable effect on the bag as it removes at a stroke most of the tatty bits that make a worn bag look rather tired. The bottom corners in particular often show wear after brushing along all the floors, tables and chairs that a bag sees in its life.

Then any brassware that needs to be replaced is changed (we have special versions for retro-fitting so that the bag doesn’t need to be totally taken apart).

Finally, the reassembled bag is given a good feed and polish – not so much that all the character so long-collected is erased (though this would be barely possible anyway) but just enough to make it feel and look a little younger, ready for another ten years of service!

If you have a venerable old Tusting bag that might benefit from some sympathetic restoration, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team via our Contact Us form or by emailing us on [email protected] for advice and a quote.

Meanwhile, there is  a gallery of pictures of another restoration project here.

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