The Leather Tote is everything – an everyday essential to take care of all your most important stuff and things you can’t leave behind, whilst leaving room for the other stuff you might collect during your day!

Twyford Tote

Twyford - the quintessential tote reimagined into the perfect modern tote - a super-stylish workhorse for your working, shopping, or touring day.

Choose from 5 Colours


The Nimrod cross-body messenger bag: a confident and contemporary look for the sartorially minded.

Choose from 3 classic colours

Como Tote

Lightweight, stylish and summery - grab, go, look great


Sustainably, stylishly beautiful, the Savannah is the epitome of quiet, luxurious elegance. A big, stylish bag for the woman with a lot going on.


Nothing less than an icon, the Kimbolton leather bag has enduring, truly global appeal. The most elegant work bag and chic companion.

Choose from 5 colours

Alice Tote

A softly structured tote that's a feast for the senses

Choose from three glorious shades

Chelsea Eco-Tote

A take it anywhere, do-it-all tote. Truly unisex.

Choose from 3 Colours.

Hazel Hobo

Not too big, not too small, super stylish and super comfortable, Hazel may be the perfect everyday handbag.

Choose from 4 Colours


The most glamorous companion for the serious multitasker

Choose from 3 Colours


A serious load-carrier, the tote for big days out

Choose from 2 great colours

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