The TUSTING Difference...

The TUSTING Difference

We know there’s no shortage of luxury leather brands out there, so why choose TUSTING? Well, because we’ve done our absolute best to give you every reason to love our beautiful bags – and our core values that lie behind them.

Here’s what sets TUSTING apart.

TUSTING: a true manufacturer-brand

Very few luxury leather brands actually make their own bags – a large number source their wares from third-party suppliers, often in Asia and the Middle East, but sometimes by contracted factories here in the UK. TUSTING bags are designed and manufactured from start to finish right here in our own factory. Our knowledge – and our pride – is invested in every step, from choosing the hide to the final polish.

Made in Britain – now and always

Every single one of our luxury leather bags comes from our factory which is nestled on the borders of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. This beautiful corner of Britain is where we’ve been since our tannery opened in 1875, and this is where we’re staying. Many of our expert craftsmen and women come from families who’ve worked with TUSTING for generations. We’re proud of our British heritage, and so are they.

That TUSTING feeling…

There’s a subtle thrill of exclusivity in owning a TUSTING bag. For five generations, we’ve supplied beautiful premium leather to some of the finest names in British footwear, including Church’s, Cheaney and Crockett & Jones. 

Now, we use that wonderful material and our long-nurtured expertise to create bags and accessories that delight. You may already have admired some of our beautiful bags without knowing they were TUSTING creations – we favour subtle beauty, not brash branding.

Our promise to you

Every one of our hand-crafted items comes complete with the TUSTING promise: that we’ll be here to help care for your bag for years to come. Our elegant, hard-wearing bags are made to last, accompanying you wherever life takes you. If prolonged wear and tear leaves your bag in need of repairs, we’ll do our very best to help. You’ll enjoy our dedicated, personal customer service whenever you need it.

Sustainably beautiful

We live in an increasingly throw-away society. We’re taught to accept the thrill of the purchase ending at the till – or shortly after, when poor quality goods lose their appeal (and often their stitching!). TUSTING customers aren’t swept along by a tide of disposable fashion. Our timeless leather bags and accessories are designed to delight for years, signature pieces that become more beautiful as you use them.

Genuine leather is a highly sustainable material, and we source our premium quality hides from cattle raised for beef. This decision supports our minimum-waste policy, and allows us to divert these beautiful hides away from landfill. We favour tanning methods using classic vegetable dyes, which give wonderful results and are biologically sustainable. When we do choose leather that’s been treated with more modern tanning methods, we adhere to the highest quality and environmental standards.


For a more in-depth read, please visit our article on the
sustainability of our leathergoods.


Unlike cheap and faux leathers (including so-called ‘vegan leather’), TUSTING products aren’t coated or lined with plastic and other synthetic materials. Rather than masking the natural grain of the leather, we choose to let the individual character of our hides shine through.

Leather is a natural material, and each piece has its own unique fingerprint of life. Our uncoated leather develops a beautiful patina with use – a wonderful trait that even relatively convincing synthetic hides can never replicate.

Welcome to the TUSTING family

TUSTING is a family business – not just in name, but in practice, too. Our business is run by members of the Tusting family and we’re just as passionate about premium leather goods as our ancestors were about their leather.

Purchasing a Tusting bag means you’re part of the family – you’ll enjoy our personal customer care, now and in future. Our products are made exceptional by the service we back them up with – we make it our business to ensure you have all the help you will ever need in choosing, ordering and living with your TUSTING item.

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