How are the New Year resolutions going?

The start of the year brings with it a host of best-laid plans. For many, this includes getting healthier and fit… whether this pertains to eating better, eating less, subscribing to some extortionate gym membership or joining the local sports or golf club – we do our best to better ourselves. February often brings a little bit of raw reality as the January motivation starts to wain… This doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a pat on the back though.

Whether it’s a visit to the gym, golf course or the rugby club, we believe investing in quality kit is important. With so many people arriving or leaving in their work attire, fitting their gym/club visits in as part of their weekday routine, and in many cases, part of the daily commute, means a bag that complements their look is essential.

This is where our range of leather or canvas-and-leather hold-alls come into their own. Handsome and functional, each bag will excel in any establishment, whilst being soft and small enough to squish down and fit within a locker if needs be.

So, whether you’re a newly-resolved convert to the gym/golf club or a habitual attendee who didn’t need a resolution anyway, we propose that you deserve a smart new bag.

The justification?

If you’re the newly resolved convert, give yourself a reward to help you keep at it. If you’re the habitual attendee who didn’t need a resolution anyway, after all this time a reward is frankly overdue!

But if a health and fitness splurge didn’t fit with your already-heaped-full life, it’s clear you need a break and a weekend jaunt is well overdue (make sure to take a good bag with you)!

Now we’ve established the necessity, choose between the compact yet surprisingly roomy Hemington for its tumbled leather and metropolitan overtones or Chellington for its heritage vibe. The Hingham, the newest member of the family, is larger and has a luxury, contemporary and directional look. For those after a lived-in, rugged stance, the at-ease nonchalance of our Weekender and Explorer bags with their relaxed leather or canvas bodies with leather trims will hit the mark. They also have the option of being available in multiple sizes, perfect should you have signed up to a class requiring plenty of kit (Fencing or kickboxing, anybody?). Of course, you could also travel really light with our do-it-all Chelsea Tote.

Whether you do, or do not, set yourself new year’s resolutions, and whether you keep them or break them, the thing to know is that ours is always the same, year after year – to make bags that do the job brilliantly, look inviting and luxurious and which will stand by you whatever direction your own promises take you in. You definitely deserve a companion like that.

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