Tusting Talks… to Pip Durell
Founder of With Nothing Underneath

This week we speak to Pip Durell, founder of London-based shirting brand With Nothing Underneath (WNU). We chat all things business, becoming B-Corp certified and what’s next on her Tusting wish list…

How did you come about starting With Nothing Underneath?

I’ve always been into style over fashion and it really came about when I was working at Vogue when I needed to be polished and put together and a men’s shirt was always a great ‘uniform’. The women’s shirt market seemed to me to be underservice and I thought let’s see if we could make something cool, elegant, ethical and affordable – a piece that really could be for everyone.

WNU is B Corp certified, how did you feel getting the accreditation and do you think the fashion industry is doing enough?

It’s a really good question. Half the problem with the industry is how much noise there is – and how hard it is to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak…. We gained our B Corp credentials last year and it was very important to me that we had an external body giving us that green tick. There is so little in this industry in terms of regulating that greenwashing is everywhere.

We are of course creating more clothing, I cannot deny that and nor can I call us ‘sustainable’ but my view is that if we can encourage people to purchase clothing that is made with an ethical supply chain, with transparency and a commitment to ethics then we can move this industry in a better direction.

What are your ultimate styling tips?

Be yourself! I think that’s the joy of the shirt – you can make it work with your own style, whatever that might be. For me personally? That’s usually a jean, a loafer and knit thrown over- simple!


How do you like to switch off and relax?

With wine! And friends. Hosting at home, walking our dog, things like that.

You have a black Hazel Hobo Tusting bag, what’s next on the list and what’s always in your bag?

It’s the Explorer for me. I love a weekend getaway and it’s impossible to find the perfect weekend bag. I love the weight and design – and the quality! It’s a bag for life which feels pretty special when it comes on your travels with you.


What does quality mean to you?

Alongside making a great piece of clothing, sustainability has got to be your number 1 priority; Style and Sustainability need to sit side by side.

We need to be looking at the lifespan of an item of clothing, as well as the production and materials. As a conscious consumer, you don’t want clothes that lose their fit after one wash, you want to invest in stylish wardrobe staples that are good to the planet and will last for years.

What are you currently reading?

I have just read Yellowface and The Stranding – both very different but great fiction reads.


What’s in store for 2023?

It feels like we’re nearly at the end!! Its flown. We’re very excited for our AW collection; its. a beautiful mix of sleek Winter neutrals, heritage plaids and textured materials. And a few exciting collaborations in the pipeline….

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