Tusting Talks to…Meg Boscawen

This week, we speak to London-based decorative artist Meg Boscawen.

Having recently been named a rising star by House and Garden magazine, Meg has an exciting 2024 lined up. We chat about where she finds her inspiration, the best piece of advice she has received and find out what’s always in her bag…

Tell us about your career to date?
My work fell into a place a couple of years back when I was painting interior portraits of rooms for interior designers as well as clients. the escapism of actually wanting to be in those rooms and paint the walls and be part of a space was how I got into this decorative world. I trained 3 years ago through decorative artist Lizzi Porter on a project In London where she taught me her magic tricks of the trade. I’ve since worked with various interior designers such as Jane Churchill, Nina Campbell and Studio Duggan (and others) and collaborated with multiple designers. It’s been a busy year being up ladders however I am excited to learn more as I go along.
What inspires your art?
I am inspired by the random everyday moments. Such as patterns being created by leaves. Seeing geometry and shapes being created in unique forms. A pattern on a piece of clothing. However going to the Victoria & Albert Museum is a bible for all creative inspiration. At the end of the year I am heading to Mexico for a couple of weeks. Which I know is going to blow me away with inspo.


What has been one of your favourite projects to work on?
I have been very fortunate the past year on some exciting projects which annoyingly I can’t all share. However I have been painting a lot of scenic murals for various clients which I have loved. From tropical forests to fairy lands to under the sea. I am excited to do some commercial projects in 2024.
What’s always in your bag?
My bag truthfully isn’t always looking so glamorous. Forever there will be a paintbrush, some sandpaper and maybe a sample pot of paint. I always carry a small sketchbook that has a lot of my sample sketches in. My keys (obviously) that has a load of dangly memorable things on. A pencil case, maybe some scent (Santa Maria novella, I advise you all to buy).


How do you like to spend a weekend off?
I love a weekend getaway like a city break. I am about to head to Lisbon in 2 weeks which I am mega excited for. However nothing beats a weekend in the country with pals or family, long walks, followed by a cosy lunch in a country pub. Sometimes I’m pretty knackered after a busy week so it’s always nice to chill.
Best piece of advice you’ve received?
That’s a hard question. My answer is cliche I know. However I remember a friend once saying if you constantly dwell on the past that is a form of depression, if you worry about the future that creates anxiety. Therefore staying present is so important. I’m sure I’ve heard many other great things, I’m just having trouble remembering.


What’s in store for the end of 2023 and ahead?
2023 I am packed to the end with back to back projects across the UK. Lots of murals to be painted. Once including up a huge flight of stairs which I am excited to reveal. 2024 I have a couple of commercial projects which is a different chapter for me as I’m continuously doing residential. I am off to the states for a couple of months which I haven’t done yet. I look forward to some new adventures.
What’s on your Tusting wish list?


 Everything!! No in all seriousness, I’ve eyed up the ‘George’ and ‘Rex’!

To find out more about Meg Boscawen’s work, visit her website here.

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