Tusting Talks… to Florence Knight

This week we had 60 seconds with the head chef of Sessions Arts Club, Florence Knight, where Tusting celebrated the launch of the new Lavendon collection with selected press.

The restaurant and gallery space, founded by Johnny Gent and Russell Potter, is situated in Old Sessions House in London’s Clerkenwell area.  The spectacular, carefully distressed interiors of the former courthouse, along with ever-changing art installations and Knight’s seasonal kitchen delights, have made Sessions Arts Club a food-lovers hot spot since opening in 2021. It was the perfect backdrop to preview our bags.

The atmosphere in this delightful space is that of a secret club (just finding the door takes a little determination) the staff make you feel like a long-lost friend, and the environment is a visual feast.

It’s still all about the food though, and we used five quick-fire questions to find out a little of what makes Florence tick:

How did it start?

In a field in which experience on the job is the typical training path, Florence earnt her stripes in the classic way, having started at the bottom, washing plates, preparing ingredients for chefs and working her up.


Where does her inspiration come from?

Having served us with delicious sharing plates of seasonal food – langoustine, magnificent mammole artichokes and heavenly fillets of hake, prepared deceptively simply with creme fraiche and wild garlic,  Florence confirmed that her inspiration always starts with her suppliers and their produce. For her lucky diners, this means a constantly changing menu derived from wonderfully fresh, locally-found ingredients.


What does Florence enjoy most about the restaurant?

Sessions Arts Club has been a constant hotspot since opening and is one of the trickiest restaurants to secure a table at as they are booked out so far in advance. It might be tempting to revel in the glamour of leading such an in-demand location, but Florence’s answer perhaps reveals just what is behind the authentic joy diners experience in her food – for her, it’s simply about the food and her team.

What does quality mean to this queen of taste?

Sensing a like mind, we were keen to know Florence’s definition of quality and were reassured to find it is very much that of our own – that good quality food or fashion fundamentally never goes out of fashion.


And finally, what little life-savers are always in Florence’s bag?

Confirming that total belief in quality, you’ll always find Augustinus Bader lip balm, a Stanley pocket tape measure on her keys, Hermes complexion balm, Smints and – a top tip from one whose every working moment is spent around gas burners and ovens – Acriflex Antiseptic burns cream.

Thank you to the Sessions Arts Club team for the beautiful space, food and ambience. Make sure to add the restaurant to your reservation lists! Keep up to date with Florence Knight and Sessions arts club here.

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