Love at First Sight

Our esteemed Chairman, John Tusting (who is the father of the brothers who currently run the company), recently went to visit his Grandaughter Lucy at her university residence.

Taking her out to lunch, he left behind in her room his briefcase, one of our earliest Melchbournes, made in Aztec Crazyhorse leather.


On his return, he found a charming note propped up against it, left by Lucy’s roommate, which read:

“I think I have fallen in love with your satchel. I want to marry it, it is so beautiful. Yours, with apologies in advance for stealing it one day, Emily XXX”

Now that’s how to make an old man happy!

These images show the bag (and note) in question, it is still going strong – and reveal just how great it still looks after over 25 years of hard labour.

Some of our briefcases today still share much of the inspiration from the Melchbourne.

The Wymington

The Clipper

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