International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 8th March. A day dedicated to empowering women, it celebrates all the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Originally celebrated as “National Woman’s Day” in New York in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America, the celebration has now become a central focus in the feminist and women’s rights movements.

Although the roots of International Women’s Day are predominantly socialist and communist, it was adopted by the feminist movement in the 60s before the United Nations began its own celebrations of the event in the 70s. Today, the UN decides a theme for each International Women’s Day. 2021’s theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

At Tusting, we wouldn’t be here without the women in our lives. The women who brought us into the world, the women who work behind the scenes to help make our bags, the women who inspire us to make new bags and the women who wear our bags are all integral to Tusting. And with UK Mother’s Day on the horizon, we can’t forget to mention all the mothers and maternal figures who have been pivotal thus far, like Eliza Tusting, the first woman involved in our five-generation story.

In a time so tumultuous, it’s more important than ever that we celebrate those around us and the work they have done. We’ve found, in the past, that when we ask our customers about the women who most inspire them, the answer is very often their own mother. Is the proximity of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day entirely a coincidence…?

Growing up, big totes were the bags designated for mothers: large and roomy, Mary Poppins-esque in the way they seemed to carry everything from our meals and snacks to our toys to our anxieties about the day ahead. As we grow up and mature, taking on more responsibility (and bigger bags?!), we understand and appreciate the influence our mothers have had in shaping us – and the load they had to carry.

But the rise and rise of technology means that these days we, and our mothers, can carry all the responsibility we can bear in a much smaller package, if we wish. Small bags, consequently, are a big trend right now, there’s less rummaging around for that pen or that notepad lost in an oversized bag – it can be more about the smartphone and a few other bare essentials.

Whichever your current role, we have a bag to suit your needs and have created the Mini Twyford to cross the tote-bag / teeny-bag divide with flair. There’s plenty of space for your daily essentials but not so much that you will be carrying the weight of the world with you. Cute and cheery, the Mini Twyford mini is guaranteed to raise a smile. Although small and dainty, it is sturdy and practical, polished and refined and effortlessly chic. Your bag may not be as full as it once was, but the mini Twyford is still full of personality and available in multiple colourways including the new Sky Atlantic Blue and Soft Orange for spring. We’re thrilled to bring you this addition to our range at this moment of celebration of the women in our lives.

A Tusting bag is more than just a timeless classic, it’s a distillation of family values and years of craftsmanship. It’s a labour of love, so why not show the woman who inspires you that you love them with a Tusting bag?

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