Our long-term, best-selling leather work bag, the Kimbolton, was first designed for our enthusiastic Japanese market, with the oldest cases now being about 20 years old.  There have been a few variations of the bag, each with subtle differences in the detailing, but the same multitasking body and simple shape. In its different guises and sizes, it is equally as popular as a men’s work bag for that Japanese market as it is as a ladies handbag and work bag in the west.

So, what’s this bag’s story and what makes the Kimbolton such a keeper?

Like many of our bags, the Kimbolton is named after a nearby village – Kimbolton is about 15 miles from our workshop. With its unusually wide made main street, and miniature market town vibe, Kimbolton is home to the imposing Kimbolton Castle, which is now a thriving private school. Famously, a chemistry teacher there enjoyed playing about with explosions – he later went on to found the internationally famous
Kimbolton Fireworks company.
Anyone who enjoys the incredible firework displays seen at great events or many major cities New Year displays will have seen the amazing powers of these pyrotechnic masters.

Crossing the divide of simple leather tote bag and formal leather briefcase or work bag,  a little redolent of the classic Hermes Birkin, but pared back and a less detailed fastening, the Kimbolton is supremely practical for every day. The original (larger) size is a briefcase in disguise, swallowing a stack of folders, papers and is even big enough to hold some 15″ laptops.

The smaller size of Kimbolton brings it firmly into the realm of handbag, but is still big enough to look after a 13″ laptop in the main body and any tablet devices in the variety of special pockets inside. It’s an undeniably chic and modern work bag companion.

Whatever the size (we’ve even had a mini version) there is always fine, full-grain leather. A bag that sees daily action needs the best quality materials to withstand the rigours of its working life.

On The Inside

The inside of the Kimbolton is carefully thought-out to ensure it’s not just a pretty face – this is a bag that really works for you and keeps you stylish and organised. The single large main compartment has an open-topped construction, but this is cinched closed by double magnetic closures with side poppers and tabs, keeping the bag slim and secure when needed. Inside, there are four varying pockets and a leather lanyard clip to secure keys or an additional Zip Pouch. We also supply a detachable shoulder strap to give you the choice of shoulder-carry for your bag.

“Simply my favourite bag ever – I started with a simple blue one and have since added two, one of each size in bespoke colours.
They’re just the best!”

Mia Palles Clark
UK Elite Sports Coach

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