Our best-selling tote bag, the Kimbolton, was first designed for our enthusiastic Japanese market, with the oldest cases now being about 10 years old.  We have several versions of the bag, each with subtle (or not-so-subtle!) variations in the detailing, but the same multitasking body and simple shape. We’re currently building a special-order Kimbolton in a rich deep red with navy trim – a first that we reckon will look fabulous… the start of a new colourway??


Like almost all of our bags, the Kimbolton is named after a nearby village, and Kimbolton the place is about 15 miles from our workshop. This very pretty little village is home to the imposing Kimbolton Castle, now a thriving private school. Famously, a chemistry teacher there was a bit of a one for mucking about with explosions and stuff – he later went on to found the internationally famous Kimbolton Firework company. Anyone who watched the incredible firework display which heralded in 2012 in London or Edinburgh was watching the amazing powers of these near neighbours of ours – another family company.
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