We pledge to DONATE 10% of the value of our sales*.


If we don’t discount, we can donate…lots!


So, the world has gone a bit Black Friday bonkers these days but we sense a little push-back beginning out there in retail-land, there are stirrings of unrest with all of this, and a very clever idea is circulating.

It’s pretty genius really – the idea is that we retailers still give away chunks of our income, but instead of putting it in shoppers’ pockets, we give it to charities who need it a whole lot more. We will feel a whole lot happier doing this and – forgive us if we are wrong please, but – we think you probably will too.


How It Works:

We are keeping it very simple. Across the four days of Black Friday, the weekend and Cyber Monday (that’s November 27th to 30th 2015 in normal language) we will donate 10% of our net direct sales (see the * note below).

Our charities, as chosen by our staff, are both organisations from which members of our staff have benefitted this year – Macmillan Cancer Support and Riding For The Disabled.

It’s simple – you can help us give back.

You shop. We give.

Thank you.


* Net full-price sales made direct with us through our website and showroom – that is, the amount we get after we give the government their large chunk of VAT – between Friday 27th November and Monday 30th November inclusive. Proceeds to be divided equally between our nominated charities.



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