Choosing between a backpack and a briefcase in today’s luxury market

Perhaps it is the metrosexual lifestyle of today’s man, but the bags we carry to work and what we put in them has changed. As the digital age has taken over, gentlemen no longer require the solid sided briefcases of old, infact briefcases in their most traditional sense seem a little novel when seen out and about today. Bags have become not necessarily smaller, but softer and more style driven. What your bag looks like can also say an awful lot about who you are.

Backpacks Meet Luxury

Backpacks have had a major makeover in recent years, no longer nylon vessels for life on the go and students. They have smartened up their act, working for today’s executives as a result of the broad selection of designs, styles and leathers on offer. Leathers are lightweight and luxurious, conceived to be taken seriously and carry plenty of style-conscious sway. Browsing men’s bag departments today, there is almost as much choice in backpacks as there is for more conservative and traditional work bags. Tusting has noticed this increased appetite in recent years, responding to the growth with the release of its new Century backpacks, two differently styled bags conceived for the demands of today.

There are plenty of advantages with backpacks, but some pointers to remember when using them too, in order not to drive those around you crazy.

Backpacks allow you to be hands free and can be very liberating. They are great for those who get around by bike, motorbike or scooter. They are also capacious, allowing you to stuff them full and carry everything you need to see you through the day, from your gym kit to your laptop, without having to carry an extra bag. They also distribute weight very effectively, meaning that when you are fully loaded, you stay comfortable too. Bye bye back pain! Whatever your age, your backpack will set an active and youthful overtone. You’ll look like a man on the move, whether you are an Iron Man or Sofa Man type. To coin the words of Aldous Huxley, “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

With the plus side dealt with, here are some tips for overcoming the negative aspects of backpack use:

  • When in an office environment or a restaurant etc and not on the go, take your backpack off. This stops you looking like you are trying to make your way out the door or in a hurry and demonstrates a readiness to focus on proceedings.
  • Be considerate and remove your backpack when in a lift or a tight space such as the Tube or Subway. Shunting people with your backpack will irritate and demonstrates a lack of awareness for the personal space of others. Think Big Bird in a phonebox. We have all experienced somebody’s bag knocking us in the face or hampering proceeds, we have all felt the resentment build!
  • There is an unspoken informality associated with backpacks. Overcome this by packing it wisely and moderately, so as not to come across as disorganised or dishevelled. Follow the rules above for when to use your bag at its most practical and when to take it off.
  • Be mindful that your backpack can cause a little sweating. Wear natural fibres and again, take it off your back from time to time to allow your skin to breathe.

Many gentlemen will forever remain faithful to the briefcase or messenger bag camp when it comes to their daily commute companion, their benefits unbridled and their versatility ample. Choose between compact and minimalist, for those who travel light and work with streamlined tools, or larger, compartmentalised bags to maintain order and offer instant access. With a bag or briefcase you can instantly see where everything is, and reach for what you need without revealing the contents of your bag first. We believe there is a place for both and celebrate the pantheon of bags and styles available to the modern man. Let your environment dictate what works best for you, or even just your diary.

Our bags offer great scope and plenty of options. They are heritage bags that are built to last, creating their own unique stories whilst at your side. Choose between the contemporary yet classic lines of our luxurious new Century collection or from the iconic British staples found in our business and travel bag portfolio.

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