A Treat for Dad

You’re planning the Father’s Day gift (may we recommend the Take Cover passport holder, in anticipation of summer travels?) but to make the day extra special, the bottom line is that (just like Mums) Dads just want to feel like they’re appreciated. Here are a few ideas to make him feel a little more cherished.

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As the recipient of the first sample of our new India Hicks + Tusting passport holder, we asked David Flint Wood for his idea of the perfect Father’s Day moment. He suggested we “pour the man a bloody good drink” and offered up the recipe of his favourite cocktail. Conveniently, it’s a rather good use of his newly launched Idle Assembly Rum which was inspired by his 3 decades of life on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

David’s Idle Lime Daiquiri

2oz (6ml) Idle Assembly Rum
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz simple syrup

Put in a shaker with ice, shake and pour out.

Give him a break

Aside from a glamorous cocktail, Dads (and Grandads, of course) will appreciate five minutes of peace and quiet, and perhaps a break from the weekend jobs. Take a chore off the old boy and let him pause instead. Set a teenager on the lawn mower, reclaim the barbeque or spare him the bin-emptying and let him take a proper, guilt-free nap instead of swearing he’s just resting his eyes whilst watching TV…


A Nature’s Bouquet

For some reason, it is very unusual to give a man flowers, yet a little bouquet picked from the garden will undoubtedly bring a surprised smile to the recipient. Even the weeds manage to provide pretty flowers at this time of year, so there is plenty to choose from – don’t worry about the artistry, the sentiment will be enough.

Family Movie Night

If it’s been a while since he’s been to the cinema, this might be the perfect moment for a night out. Relaxing in a comfy chair with the obligatory bucket of popcorn and a dad-friendly choice of movie – what’s not to love? Of course, movie night at home would be pretty good too.

Or Just Give Him a Call

If you won’t be seeing him on Father’s Day, give him a call (or even better, make it a video call). Take the time to catch up, even for just a few minutes. Just touching base is worth a lot.

Please remember to drink responsibly. Recipes for audiences of an age 18 years and over.

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