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Our Materials

Above All, We Know Leather!

The five generation’s of experience we have in making leather have given us an intimate understanding of the processes involved in the treatment and production of all types of leather and this knowledge puts us in a unique position to select hides that are perfectly suited to the intended products and manufacturing techniques.

We enhance the beauty of our specially selected and prepared leathers, by finishing them with waxes and dyes that improve their texture and feel and bring out the exquisite subtleties of the natural scars of the hides. For some pieces, we also use a tough 24oz proofed and stain-resistant cotton canvas, ideally suited to the rigours of heavy-duty travel.

Our products benefit from the very highest quality fittings that we add to support these fine leathers and fabrics. We choose the finest zips and solid brass or nickel fittings made by the Swiss company RiRi, to ensure excellent durability.

Our highly skilled and talented team convert these materials into practical yet elegant designs, embellished with fine cotton linings. The results are masterpieces of design and quality, which will provide you with many years of faithful service.


Our fine Leathers

We only use the finest quality leathers processed especially for us to our own exacting standards by our partner tanneries. The result is radiantly beautiful traditional hides that effortlessly satisfy those ever-present requirements of modern life – practicality and durability. The hides are coloured using aniline drum dying, which enhances the intensity of the colour and guarantees longevity.

The leathers each have distinctive characteristics within the unique Tusting identity.


This is our lightest-weight and softest leather. Wtih a polished surface, it gives a high shine yet allows the beauty of the natural hide to show through. Our Calf leather is fully vegetable-tanned, meaning extracts of plants are used to preserve the leather and such leather matures in the traditional way, developing a rich glossy patina over time, polished by wear and the life the piece leads.


This is our signature business case leather – aniline-dyed side leather, with a high wax content in the tanning process and a waxy top finish showing all the character of the natural grain. Available in Sundance – a rich mahogany – and black. This leather starts with a matt/satin finish that combines conservatism with originality. Over time the very waxy nature of this leather matures into a wonderful patina with a gentle sheen. The high wax content makes this a very robust leather that will withstand a very tough lifestyle, scratches are easily rubbed out and the leather will survive very happily with no care at all. (Of course, it will also happily accept it too!)


Our stunning and very distinctive Crazyhorse leather is the one to choose if you like your bag to look like it has been a bag for a long, long time already and to go on looking that way! Hot-stuffed with oils in the tanning process, this leather has a lived-in look right from the start but is also our toughest leather – take it anywhere, do anything, in any conditions and it will keep coming back for more, getting ever better looking along the way. It requires no care at all.


The principle leather for our luggage collection, and for our wallets, made from carefully selected hides and with a bright polished finish, Atlantic allows the natural beauty and richness of the hide to show through. Atlantic is softer than Bridle and lighter in weight yet still very robust, making it an excellent choice for smart luggage and classic handbags.

Saddle NT

Our Saddle NT (natural tan) is a lightweight bridle leather which is wholly vegetable tanned, giving a firm, smart leather with a bright, traditional tan colour that will burnish and mature beautifully over time. We use this leather for a few key pieces, most notably our iconic Kimbolton Tote.


The traditional harness and saddlery leather, Bridle is tanned wholly with vegetable extracts such as oak bark and mimosa fruits, according to methods used for many centuries. The result is a firm feel and superior strength and stretch resistance (ideal for the pieces in our Country range), in a leather whose appearance matures and improves over time.


Kudu leather is a supremely soft and lightweight nubuck – it feels heavenly, yet is strong and extremely durable. A product of the licensed cull of South African antelopes, there is obviously a limited supply of this fabulous leather and a bag made from it is a very special thing indeed. Added to this rarity value, each skin is different, making each bag genuinely unique. It can be used right-side out showing the nubuck surface (showing all the scars of life in the African bush) or inside out showing the amazingly soft suede surface.


Our Fabrics


The traditional English look is exemplified by our canvas and leather combination pieces. Our sail canvas is a 24oz cotton fabric, which is specially woven and dyed for us. This is then laminated to a waterproof backer making a distinctive and extremely hardwearing body material. Available in Tan and Olive, and trimmed with a co-ordinating leather, our fabric bags are highly attractive and fabulously durable.


The linings in our bags are all hardwearing quality cloths. We use cotton twill to line our luggage pieces, briefases and totes, our signature poly-cotton fine lining appears in our handbags and waterproof nylon is used to protect the interior of our washbags.


Swatch Service

If you would like to be introduced to our leathers before you order a bag, we are very happy to send you swatches of the leathers and fabrics we use. Please contact us to request this service.