Tokens of Affection – India Hicks’ Perfect Wedding Gift

“I need help! I want to recreate an old Tusting bag that I can not find on your site – it will be a wedding gift to my partner.”

Here at Tusting, we know very well the power of the personalised present – a precious token of affection – so, when we received this simple but impassioned plea for help, we were hooked from the start.

India Hicks is a writer, designer, creative, former model and God-daughter of Prince Charles. After around 25 years together, she and her partner, David Flint Wood, planned to marry – a perfect, British winter wedding – and she knew exactly what she wanted to give David to mark the occasion.

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David had a bag – a Tusting bag – which had barely left his side for about as long as he and India had been together and was rather tired from all those years of hard work and many, many miles travelled. India wanted to give him a new one but found it was no longer in our portfolio.

We swiftly put together a top-secret plan to recreate David’s old tan canvas Clipper bag, to design a special webbing-only handle to protect his hands from his most unusual allergy to leather, to include a special hand-written message by India, monogram the bag and deliver it to India under cover of a large and boring brown box, all in time for the big day.

Lockdown number two came along in the UK and forbade their lovely party, so India and David postponed their wedding for a little while longer. The surprise, however, couldn’t wait and David was thrilled with his new bag, which returned with them to their home in the Bahamas in time for Christmas.

Whatever the occasion, from a simple Valentine’s gift to a grand gesture marking a major life moment, something personalised which brings a warm memory whenever the item is used is a precious gift indeed.

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