Weekender in Sundance Floodlight Leather - Small

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The very best Weekender I've ever seen.

Review by Magic Mike
After years of waiting I finally managed to come to London and see the Small Weekender from Tusting in real life. For me it was always a decision between the Medium and the Small. Both are great, but for me the Small was the one mainly because it fits the (European) hand baggage airplane rules perfectly. Besides, the Small is anything but small! There is plenty of storage room for one person, so for a weekend trip it is surely enough. The small has the perfect "weekender-size".

Next I had to decide between the classic Sundance Floodlight and the Aztec Crazyhorse leathers. This was probably the hardest decision as both bags look incredibly gorgeous! In the end I was convinced by the sheer beauty of the Sundance Floodlight. It is a warm, deep, stunning brown, and the lighter brown stitching gives it a great contrast! This leather is very versatile and will always fit perfectly, no matter if you wear a suit or jeans.

The quality is superb! This bag has so many little twists and extras that make it outstanding. It has nice metal/brass studs. It sounds silly, but so many "so called high quality leather bags" have no studs anymore. If it rains you want be able to put your bag on the (wet) floor at the train station or a taxi stand, without being scared that the bottom of your bag will get wet and dirty. Secondly the carry handles are connected to the bottom of the bag. The handles are not just attached to the top but go all the way down, providing a far superior toughness. This is really important in long term use and if you load the bag quite heavily. The bag has a sturdy, perfectly fitted inner base so the bag will stand by itself even if empty or just slightly filled, making it much easier to pack. The zip can also be open wider than the bag using "extended tails" (as seen in the second pictures taken from the side). If closed you can pin down the extended zipper but it allows you to open the bag really wide, which is a great comfort when packing. Lastly it has a small strap in the inside so you can "fix" your stuff and keep the form of the bag when fully packed.

It is so well made. All the seams are perfectly set and the leather is from the highest quality and quite tough/sturdy. It will need some time to acquire a lovely patina but this tough leather is the guarantee that the bag will last a lifetime!

I waited 4 years and had different leather weekenders in the meantime but this is the top of the top - the one to rule them all.
(Posted on 16/03/2017)

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