Wedding Dilemmas, Wedding Solutions

As wedding season reaches its peak, some of us will be searching around for the perfect gifts to mark the occasion. Tusting is literally here to help – in quite a number of ways, from gifts to the happy couple to gifts from the happy couple, and of course, bags to wear on the day.

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

It’s a lovely tradition for the bride to gift a memento of the day to each of her bridesmaids. Often a piece of jewellery is chosen for this, but an alternative, especially if they are bridesmaids of the adult variety, could be a Zip Pouch or perhaps a little handbag, such as a Hettie.


Ushers and Groomsmens’ Gifts

The Groom’s crew is just as important a support act as the bridesmaids (perhaps notwithstanding their self-appointed duty to get the groom into trouble in the days leading up to the big moment). Something useful always goes down well – a nice leather Washbag that will last a good few decades or a Valet Tray that can be a handy daily desk tidy or favourite travel organiser.

Gifts for the stars of the show

A gift of luggage to the happy couple will always grant forgiveness for straying from the prescribed wedding-gift list if, by some grievous chance, Tusting luggage didn’t get a mention on it. A timeless set makes for the perfect wedding gift – a honeymoon essential, and something to travel with them through the years, carrying memories of that special day and collecting more with every new adventurer.


Personalisation Makes Things Perfect

Significant life moments are the perfect opportunity for adding a special touch to commemorate the day. Simple initials embossed on a gift make a great upgrade, but weddings also give the opportunity to add some extra detail. The date, the place, a special quote, perhaps a note of thanks –all these, and more, are possible and make for truly lasting memories. Read more about our personalisation options here.



Real Life Stories

Many Tusting owners would be able to tell you their real-life wedding-present stories where some new luggage entered their lives. One such is Mich Turner – the “Queen of Cakes”, who founded her Little Venice Cake Company as a second career after being a fashion buyer for Harvey Nichols. Mich has designed wedding cakes for the Royal Family, Madonna, David Beckham, Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul McCartney and many more. We grabbed five minutes with her last year after she purchased a new Mini Holly bag and discovered the lovely story of her (and her husband’s) first Tusting bags – wedding gifts to each other.

(And if you are in need of a spectacular wedding cake, you now know who to call…)


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