Tusting and Aston Martin: The Luggage Shoot

Being situated very close to the home of Aston Martin, the little Buckinghamshire town of Newport Pagnell, we are proud to have a long association with this iconic British brand. Even closer to hand is Desmond J Smail, an independent specialist in the sales, restoration and servicing of current and classic Aston Martins. Situated just a few miles away in our lovely local town of Olney, Desmond himself is a frequent visitor to our factory, knowing that his customers appreciate quality craftsmanship of the non-motoring kind too. With such affinity between Tusting and Aston Martin, when planning a recent photoshoot, we knew just who to talk to for help when it came to creating the perfect 'touring' feel for our luggage.

Other near neighbours, the Hanbury family at the magnificent Turvey House, scene of our whole campaign shoot a few years back, rescued us from a tricky situation when emergency scaffolding cancelled location plan A. We needed somewhere magnificent to set The Car and Turvey House was simply perfect.

Tusting and Aston Martin at Turvey House for a Luxury Leather Luggage Photoshoot

Explorer Bags in Olive Canvas with Tan Trim

With the planning done, we just had to wait for the day and keep fingers firmly crossed for shoot-friendly weather, specifically NO RAIN PLEASE. The day dawned very grey, with the cloud so low it seemed to be actually in our car park, but all worries were dispatched by a magnificent rumble. The sound heralded the arrival of possibly the most beautiful car ever to enter the county, let alone our cloudy car park. Together with its relaxed and smiley driver, Neil, the car was just a little bit OURS for a few hours, so we headed off to Turvey and got to work.

Arranging the bags and car at the photoshoot where a 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato helped the Tusting Luggage look right at home.Neil sorts out the car and Gillian sets about arranging some Explorer Bags in Claret Canvas

A very precious 1961 DB4 GT with an extraordinary story, this gorgeous beast oozed presence from every single angle. A unique car with an amazing story, she has been completely rebuilt twice since original manufacture, the second time recreating the very rare Zagato body and refinements that only 19 DB4 GT's received.

Aston Martin 1961 DB4 GT Zagoato and Tusting Luxury Leather Holdall in Aztec Crazyhorse Waxed Antique Leather

Weekender Holdall in Aztec Crazyhorse Leather

Even to those who know nothing of this motoring world though, this is simply a very beautiful car and was just the perfect match for our luggage - talking the same language of classicly beautiful styling, genuine British provenance and superior longevity.

It was very hard to say goodbye...

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Leaving The Tusting Photo Shoot

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