How to pack well – we discover bloggers’ top packing tips. 


It’s law that, just as soon as the sunshine turns up in the UK, we start jetting off in search of warmer climes, and this year is no different. And so, with both sunnier weather and the the school summer holidays upon us we’re delighted to bring to you the first ever unofficial TUSTING luggage week!

The summer holiday season is particularly exciting for us this year, with the launch of our massively expanded range of wheeled luggage. With canvas, leather and cabin bag options there really is a size and style to fit all trips and tastes.

To celebrate, we asked our favourite travel bloggers to give us their number one packing tip, the one tactic they employ when compiling that ever-tough holiday wardrobe, whether for their families or themselves. Here’s what they said:


Esquire magazine: pack your suitcase like a jigsaw

Roll as much as you can! Ties should go in shoes, tshirts along the sides of the suitcases. And if you’re not able to take a garment bag, fold and pack any suit jackets inside out with the arms inside the body of the jacket, which will protect the jacket from creases. Fold these jackets or fine knits (such as cashmere) flat and alongside the full length of the suitcase to prevent wrinkling or bunching.


jackie jets off top packing tips

Jackie in Barbados

Jacqueline, noted solo traveler from Jackie Jets Off: Create a thoughtful holiday wardrobe

Don’t just take a random collection of tops, bottoms and dresses – think about outfits and what co-ordinates (and doesn’t crease easily!). Try to work to a colour palette, for example neutral shades with the addition of blue items always works well for European destinations such as the Greek Islands or France. Decide which shoes to take, then subtract one. I always take too many shoes and always end up wearing the same 2 pairs. Speaking of which, place all shoes and heavy items at the bottom of the case where the wheels are so it’s not top-heavy when you go to move it.


Alison Perry's top packing tips

Alison in Rhodes, Greece

Alison Perry, journalist and family travel expert from Not Another Mummy Blog: Split your holiday belongings

If you’re travelling with your family, especially long-haul, don’t risk a child’s suitcase going missing in transit – the last thing you need when you arrive on holiday is a child with no clothes, PJs or toothbrush! Split up everyone’s items across all of the suitcases, meaning that if one suitcase goes missing, everyone still has a few essentials to keep them going.


Alice Judge-Talbot's top packing tips

Alice and family in Kos, Greece

Alice Judge-Talbot, lifestyle blogger from More Than Toast: Collect your miniatures

It’s not the clothes that weigh down my suitcase, but the beauty products! Between shampoos, balms, toners, moisturisers and conditioners, I need my pampering routine even more when I’m spending time in the sun. I spent a concerted effort collecting miniatures before I went away this year, from samples at beauty counters to checking if my favourite brands did my can’t-live-without products in smaller sizes. I managed to cut down my usual 6kg beauty weight to a paltry 2kg, packing a couple of extra pair of shoes to compensate!


Helen Wills's top packing tips

Helen and family in Blackpool

And when you get back… Helen Wills, from family travel site Space In Your Case: Make an evergreen packing list

When you’re travelling with kids, there’s so much to remember. We’ve all been on holiday and arrived to find that something essential is missing, and if that something is the baby’s comforter then you’re really in trouble. We’ve found the perfect solution to making sure you arrive with everything you need: the next time you go away, instead of simply emptying suitcases into the wash, spend a little time making a list. Write down everything you used, and everything you wished you’d taken that you didn’t. Make a document with a column for a tick-list. Then, next time you’re packing for a trip, print off your list, and work through it until you have everything. We have it right down to the number of pairs of socks each of us needs, medications, and even favourite cuddly toys. We’ve never forgotten a thing!

What are your top packing tips?

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