The Tusting Explorer – But Better

Our most popular travel bags have had an upgrade. Our Explorers are considered a perfect and iconic companion for trips abroad, to the country, or just the gym. Other brands have often copied these bags over the years, but only we know the secret ingredients which make the Tusting Explorer the one to beat, and now we’ve made them even better, and even more ‘Tusting’.

We’ve given their classic style a little contemporary twist, adding more subtle yet more detailed finishing and new signature motifs. It’s not just a pretty facelift though – we’ve completely re-engineered the construction to deliver a lighter carry weight, even though we’ve included additional reinforcement and our British, stain-resistant cotton canvas remains unchanged (it’s already the best there is).

A lot of new work lies ‘under the hood’ – so let us introduce you to words like “flare” and “chape”, and show you how a little can mean a lot.


The long bands of leather trim that sit on either side of the bag’s zip now have a “flare” that flows from the natural line of the leather at the apex of the bag. Whilst it is a little more extravagant in the use of leather, it’s a more elegant and subtle way to provide space for both our branding and your initials and results in a cleaner look.


“Chapes” in bag-making terms are the leather pieces that are sewn to the bag and hold the frame to which the handles are attached. It’s obviously critical that they are strong, so the leather for them must be chosen carefully to ensure durability. We have contoured these for a more luxurious look and satisfying touch, and enhanced and reinforced them with a strongly stitched Tusting ‘T’ signature detail.

What Lies Beneath…

We have changed the baseboards that give our Explorers structure, swapping them out for an equally robust yet lighter-weight version. Below them, a new, solid footer of leather and a set of studs in a “T” formation will keep your bag off the ground, sparing it from mess or damp and reducing wear on the corners.

The Inner Beauty

Beyond the useful inner zip pocket in the main body of the bag, we’ve added a padded pocket for carrying your laptop or tech gear, alleviating some of the weight from your day bag, or perhaps even replacing it completely on some trips.

Tag It…

As with all of our luggage, our Explorer holdalls are accessorized with a complimentary matching leather luggage tag – all you need to do is fill in your contact details or slip in your business card.

(Of course, in more contemporary terms, we’d love you to ‘Tag your Tusting’ in your social media posts! We love to see where in the world our bags are having adventures – #tusting )

The Rest Of The Family

As ever, our classic Explorer still comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. For even more carrying capacity, expand your collection with our over-sized and updated Grand Tourer. Now with the same new design details, it’s firmly in the Explorer family.

And at the other end of the scale, we’ve created a mini Explorer – the new Horizon toiletry bag. Styled with the same paired back aesthetic and equipped with a handy hanging loop, this little one is ready to serve in many more ways than just carrying your wash kit. Think cables, chargers, pens and pencils, or even a travelling selection of art equipment for creatives on the move.

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