The Charm of the Ladies’ Leather Satchel

In our occasional series looking at some of our best-selling styles in-depth, today it is the turn of what is certainly our cutest leather satchel, the Quinton.

Whilst we have been making full-sized satchels for pushing 30 years, the fashion for ladies to carry small school-style satchels is rather more recent. In response to demand from customers looking for a better class of leather satchel, we developed our Quinton by taking this trend and giving it the TUSTING satchel treatment.

Whilst traditional school satchels were made in the most economical way possible (see Why Satchel Love Endures), as are most of the simpler satchels that are available today, our approach is to give you a more refined version. For us, life is all about the quality of the leather we use – the better the leather, the better it looks, the better it feels and the longer it lasts. So, using our fine full-grain leathers to give a product with character and lustre, adding binding to enclose all those harsh edges, and a full, silky lining, we made a small satchel the way we think one should be.


A life well-travelled

Such is the apparent appeal of this little cutie, we seem to have made almost as many bespoke versions of it for discerning customers as we have standard versions. One of these is owned by our very own Diana who went for a quietly classy version in her all-black model, made from our stunning glossy calfskin with deep weave emboss. This particular bag already has destinations as far removed as Las Vegas and Hong Kong under its belt and has proven a worthy and very stylish travelling companion for Diana.

The Travels of a Black Woven Leather Satchel

Here’s Diana’s bag visiting the other Eiffel Tower, in Las Vegas, making a stop in Kowloon (Honk Kong) en route to China, and outside Caesars Palace in LA again.

The Many Colours of Quintons Standard and Bespoke
The image above shows a selection of Quintons – click on the image to get more details.

We name almost all our bags after local villages here in Middle England, and Quinton is no exception – there is a small village a few miles south of Northampton that carries the name that seemed such a natural fit for our little queen of bags.

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