Like Father, Like Daughter… Bernard and Anouk Fouquet

Bernard Fouquet is one of our favourite menswear models and regularly graces the pages of The Rake magazine. Here his daughter Anouk discusses their relationship and why a Tusting bag is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

What is your earliest memory of your father?

Playing games with him under the Christmas tree when I was little

What is the biggest lesson he has taught you?

Probably to respect people

Is there an article of clothing or an accessory that you have
long had your eye on and hope to own yourself one day?

His rolex watch

What is your father’s worst trait? Sartorially or otherwise?

He is probably too cool with others and stresses a lot!

What characteristic would you most like to inherit from your

His kindness, tolerance and acceptance

Like father, like daughter. How are you similar?

We both have a lot of respect for the people around us

What luxury item do you most desire?

I love my dad’s beautiful jaguar, but one day I would love to
drive a Bentley for sure!

Is there a personal trait that has been passed through multiple
generations in your family?

The love of knowing people

Do you have any sartorial or orological heirlooms?

From grandfather to my dad and to me, its a leather wallet.

What lessons would you teach your own son or daughter?

To respect people

What are you most grateful to your father for?

To have given me a great education

Dad/Daddy/Father/Pa – what is his calling card in your household?

Being french, he is Papa

Why did you choose the Explorer Tusting bag to gift your father for
Father’s Day?

Because it’s elegant, greatly manufactured and stylish

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