The Making of a Bag Brochure – Leon Ockenden and Esther Walker made our Photoshoot a Totalhoot.

The preparation begins a long time before brochures start popping through letter boxes. This autumn’s brochure began life back in July with the photoshoot which was to give us the lifestyle shots for our bags.

This year we wanted to get people who weren’t professional models involved, but to have characters who were known in other walks of life; to bring an extra dimension to the shoot and for it to have a relaxed and realistic feel. Little did we know how much character would arrive in the room when we chose to invite two special people to be our models: actor Leon Ockenden (known for his hearthrob roles in Mr Selfridge and Waterloo Road amongst many others) and journalist Esther Walker (who writes with disarming humour about real life in a way most of us can only wish we could). A day of great hilarity ensued and we certainly got the ‘life’ we were looking for in our shots.

Enjoy a skim through our pick of the behnd-the-scenes shots and download the finished brochure here.

Esther Walker is in Make Up for the photoshoot for English Leathergoods Maker TUSTINGLeon Ockenden gets the finishing touches to his hair and makeup during the TUSTING leathergoods AW15 photoshootEster Coren Models a Tusting Charlotte Leather Handbag and sits in a Tusting Leather Highback Chair

Leon Ockenden models Tusting leather briefcase and holdall whilst sitting in a Tusting leather Berkly highback chairLeon Ockenden takes fright at an approaching bulldog clip whilst modelling for Tusting luxury leather luggageLeon Ockenden and Gillian Tusting at the Tusting AW15 photoshoot

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