Introducing: The Nimrod

As a five-generational business, we’re incredibly proud of our North Buckinghamshire heritage. To celebrate our roots and remember our ancestors we put much thought into the names of our products and collections: from the classic Kimbolton to the workhorse Clipper or the new-season Donna, the name of each and every one of our pieces is considered carefully.

We’ve always looked close to home when it comes to christening our bags and accessories, calling on our local area as well as people who have been dear to the TUSTING story. And with the launch of our new-season men’s Carlton collection on the horizon, this Autumn we tasked our customers to name one of our brand-new products.

The piece to be named was a carefully-designed yet delightfully functional gentleman’s black cross-body messenger bag, a future classic that will see any stylish gent well on his day-to-day errands.

We turned to Facebook, charging our followers to think along the lines of our heritage, local area and style of the new bag to come up with a suitable name. And we were not disappointed!

As much as we loved suggestions such as the sporty Rio, the Morris, the Winston and the Wallinger, in the end, we decided to go with a name put forward by local customer Anita: the Nimrod.

Nimrod, King of Shinar, was according to the book of Genesis and book of Chronicles the great-grandson of Noah and “a mighty hunter” – a trait we thought embodied this modern classic piece perfectly.

Lucky Anita won her very own Nimrod thanks to her naming success, and we hope her husband enjoys using it for years to come!

You can pick up your very own Nimrod – your ultimate companion to serve you in work or play – by clicking through to our store.





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