Mother’s Day is one of our favourite occasions of the year. Celebrating those important women in our lives who are so often left unrecognised, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us all to give our mums a thumbs up, a big hug, a pat on the back, a special treat.

Which is why, when we had one bag in our Spring collection left without a name, we decided to give one special mum the loveliest treat of all. We asked you, our brilliant customers, to send in your stories of your inspiring and loving mums, whether that be your own mother, another relative or a friend. We wanted to name the newest member of our collection after someone dear to you.

We were inundated with responses (and lovely names!) and picking a worthy winner from all the incredible entries was a tough job for our judges.

After much deliberation, we chose Audrey as our winner, as nominated by her daughter Gemma.

Gemma says: “I think my mum should have the honour of having a bag named after her. She’s probably the strongest, most beautiful, kind and caring person I know.”

“She single-handily raised me, my brother and sister, who’s wheelchair bound. She’s always supported us and believed in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves. She encourages everything we do in life and has never asked for anything in return. She’s lived and breathed us. She also looks after her mum every day, who she moved into her home so she could take care of her.”

“I’d love to give her something so special in return. And being the bag fanatic she is, this would be perfect for my mum. Everyone thinks their mum is best, and all mums are amazing!!!! But my mum…she’s just got that extra special something I can’t even describe. And being a mum myself now, I’d love to be half the woman she is one day. Please pick my mum.”

Congratulations, Audrey – we think our new Audrey mini cross-body is a wonderful tribute to the incredible Mother you are. Here’s a photo Gemma sent us of her sister with Audrey; happy faces for a very Happy Mother’s Day!


As we were completely overwhelmed by the wonderful submissions and heart-warming (and some completely heart-rending) stories, we have decided to double the number of runners-up prizes, so those who can look forward to their little coin purse and key-ring are:

Tania (nominated by Sandra); Sarah (nominated by Carrie) Zara (nominated by Will) Josephine (nominated by Miriam) Victoria (nominated by Ami) and Gill (nominated by Katie).

We thank every single one of you that nominated all the amazing mothers, they are all winners in your eyes and ours – mums totally make the world go round!

You can buy your Audrey here!


Please Note:  We will be in touch very shortly with all the winners, so if you haven’t heard anything in a few days, please email us – sometimes in the excitement of entering a competition, typos in email addresses occur and then we can’t reach you!





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