Summer is the season to travel: you can't swing a cat in the months of June, July or August without clocking someone jetting off to an exotic destination, and whether you'll be heading to Lisbon or the Lake District, New York or Naples, we've got you covered when it comes to holiday luggage.

Last year we came up with this luggage guide to help you through the process of choosing your bags and suitcases, so we thought we'd take a look at some of the places we know our big bags have gone to with their adventuring owners, and in particular, our canvas holdalls - they are perhaps the epitome of secret luxury, with their modest appearance belying the premium materials and careful craftsmanship that is their DNA. Our sail canvas is a 24oz cotton fabric, which is specially woven and dyed for us and it is then laminated to a waterproof backer making a distinctive and extremely hard-wearing body material which is perfect for serious luggage. We always team it with strong full-grain, beautifully-tanned leather trims; they are really the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing of luxury luggage – it's no accident that our canvas Explorer is our top selling style.

Here are a few photos, where do you take yours?


Tusting Holiday Luggage in Chile

A Canvas Collection - Elisabeth Slack

In this photo, Dr Elisabeth Slack and her husband Andrew were holidaying in Chile when he took this snap of her with their rather fabulous collection of holiday luggage - a leather Weekender and a collection of canvas sail bags, a style we haven't sold for many years but of which there are many out there still going strong. Elisabeth says “finding myself in a remote part of Chile with our set of splendid Tusting luggage, I had the idea of sending you a photo to show your products in a far flung place – a long way from Lavendon. We were just about to fly away over the Andes from La Tapera on the Rio Cisnes in Southern Chile. We had been fishing on a river on the Estancia de los Rios”.


Jack Guiness Takes his Tusting Canvas Weekender Bag as Holiday Luggage to Kenya

The Canvas Weekender - Jack Guinness 

Friend of TUSTING and star of our 2015 Autumn/Winter campaign, model Jack Guinness recently took his monogrammed Weekender on assignment in Kenya, Africa and took this photo to send to us. It seems our bags like to travel in style, another exotic place with a pretty small aircraft...


Alice Judge-Talbot travels with Tusting luxury Canvas Monogrammed Holiday Luggage

The Canvas Explorer

Blogger Alice Judge-Talbot lives nearby our factory and so is a frequent visitor to the showroom. She recently took her monogrammed Explorer as her carry-on holiday luggage on a family trip to Greece with her two children, Elfie and Hux. She says, "My Explorer is big enough even to fit all the travel necessities for the three of us on a four-hour flight! I never thought I'd see the day that happened, but it truly is a bag of Mary Poppins proportions. Plus, on the journey home, another holidaymaker commented that my bag meant I was travelling in style. In the 45 degree heat, I was thrilled with that comment! "


William Tusting always travels with his faithful Explorer bag as holiday luggage

The Canvas Explorer - William Tusting 

We Tusting people would, of course, be the longest-running users of our luggage - well, it wouldn't be right if we didn't actually use (and even abuse) the stuff we make, would it? It's the best way for us to be able to bench-test its durability and really know that it is up to the job of proper, repeated, worldwide travel. As a result, we can safely say that it certainly is.

Here's William Tusting with an old favourite chocolate brown canvas Explorer - it has travelled with him across the globe: including to Perth, Australia and New York, as well as frequent trips to Europe and the Far East. This year it accompanied him on an unexpectedly extended stay to the Big Apple as he got stuck under two foot of snow in Storm Stella.

He says, "I love my Explorer: it's easy to carry and I can always get much more in it than I expect! The rigid leatherboard base board of the bag can be removed to make it softer - and will help it squeeze it through those airport hand luggage cages (up to medium size)."

If you're a lover or our canvas luggage, we'd love to know why it works for you.

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