Harrold Wymington Leather Briefcase in Navy and Tan

Smart 2-bellowed leather satchel briefcase

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A Smart and Professional Leather Briefcase

Review by Alan
This is a smart and polished leather business case. This bag is a 2-bellowed leather satchel briefcase; and as can be seen in the product images, there are two larger compartments or a divided large compartment. The division is a great way to keep work and papers separated and organized by preventing papers, and other items from mixing which would afford a mass of materials that would not be efficiently managed. In addition to the separated larger compartment, there are multiple slip-pockets that are useful for papers, forms, and notecards. The pen and business card slots are also a clever touch.

This bag was constructed using a combination of a smooth polished navy calfskin and robust tan bridle leather. This is a superb combination of leathers. The richness of the navy calfskin combined with the warmth of the tan bridle leather provides a bag that is not only pleasing to use but is also gratifying to view.

All attributes of this bag bespeak that a high degree of talent and skill went into the assembly of this piece. The construction of the bag including all stitching and hardware is superb. Also noteworthy is the attractive light tan or cream colored cotton lining which is subtly embossed with Tusting name in a tasteful monotone color combination. This is a distinctive heritage-inspired leather bag that exudes a smart and professional appearance.
(Posted on 17/07/2013)

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