In focus: Radwell Camera Bag

A stylish and compact crossbody bag with a boxy shape, The Radwell Camera Bag is the latest addition to our favourite Cardington family. Discover the story behind this fashion staple and learn about the design process directly from the source.

Even if your interest in photography begins and ends with an Instagram filter, this classic handbag shape is one of the most popular crossbody styles seen today.

Camera bags are named for their squarish proportions, which were perfect for the little digital cameras we all enjoyed before the rise and rise of the smartphone, with their accompanying fantastic camera capabilities. As a result, camera bags have a fair bit of depth to them which makes them capacious and user-friendly as everyday companions (even an SLR camera and chunky lens will fit in a Radwell.) They also always have full zip closures and crossbody straps, which make them safe options for wearing when active or in very crowded spaces.

When adding a camera bag to our repertoire, we wanted to get all the details right and yet not make just another boring boxy-looking bag.  Our design team, therefore, had some work to do, but this new addition has truly come to life and sits proudly within the aesthetic of our Cardington family of styles.

We spoke to the team to get some of their thinking behind their design.

What kind of bag is Radwell?

Radwell is a classically inspired camera bag made for modern life and exceptional functionality. Tusting’s approach to the camera bag style strikes a balance between form and function – providing a sleek wide-open zip to the main compartment, easy access to the outside pocket and perfectly balanced shoulder strap.

Tell us a bit about the story behind designing Radwell?

We were keen to add a sporty and compact travel companion to the Tusting range. The starting point to developing the Radwell was finding its inspiration – the Camera Bag was a stylish and increasingly popular bag which was the perfect size. So, we took this style as reference and applied some of the traditional features of our iconic bags, like the front detailing with the T-branded stitch, and then added a sporty modern feel with the webbing strap. And voilà – the Radwell was on its way.

 And now it’s part of the family?

Yes, we were tasked with developing a new backpack at the same time, so we worked on both the Radwell and the Emberton backpack simultaneously.  We took the original Cardington design, which has been in our range from the very beginning, and is such a popular style, and transposed its distinct front design onto our two new creations. In this way, we have begun to build up a new family of Cardington-inspired bags which can be collected and can even be worn together, if wished.

What’s your favourite thing about Radwell?

We love the ultra-comfortable webbing strap. We went with this approach, as opposed to the classic leather, to provide something sporty, gorgeous and modern and it not only allows for a more comfortable wearing experience, but also matches the Emberton backpack.

We’ll also be supplying leather straps as an extra option with the Radwell very soon though, to give it a more formal appearance when that’s required, meaning it will be perfect anywhere, from beach to boardroom!

The leather

Radwell is made in the same soft-yet-robust Atlantic full-grain leathers that we use in all our handbags. This type of leather has a higher resistance to scratches but will still form a beautiful and unique patina over time. Plus, bags made with this leather usually have a longer life expectancy, which is essential when making bags for daily life – which is what Tusting loves to do.



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