The Explorer Bag

In our occasional series (ok, of only two so far, but there will be more… occasionally) focussing on our classic and best-selling shapes, this post will pick apart our Explorer Holdall.

The ultimate in soft leather luggage, our Explorer delivers a handsome leather holdall in a shape that miraculously stores away virtually flat, yet holds an impressive amount of gear when packed. A classic shape, much used by many providers from the tiny nylon Longchamp handbags (and many similar) seen in every high street and airport shopping hall, right up to our own largest model, it is so much used because, simply put, it works.

Made of two large pattern pieces (this is called ‘whole cut’ in the trade, when made in leather) this bag is hungry on materials. Each side is a single piece and only two can be cut from an entire side of leather.  The two pieces have to be cut very carefully to avoid any of the less perfect areas on a side of leather – in particular any ‘soft’ areas from near the limbs or belly, which might stretch unduly. As the handles are sewn straight onto the body of the bag, the panels must be very robust – as good leather is, and as our canvas is too… you can put rather a lot in our bags with no fear of handles tearing off!

You can put a lot in a TUSTING Explorer bag...

Whilst not sporting the modern accessory that so many luggage items now have – wheels – the Explorer can still keep up with airport life. It can be carried normally, using both handles, but also over the shoulder with the shoulder strap, or even with a single handle. And it can make a decent fist of pretending to be a backpack by using both handles should you need a fully hands-free moment. Our medium size fits most cabin restrictions and of course, the beauty of a soft-form bag is that the squashability factor is high when it comes to those pesky measuring frames.


We have many different Explorers available on our website, in 3 sizes and a range of different colours.

And finally, if our Explorer is good enough for a Duchess…

The Duchess of Cambridge has often been snapped with her TUSTING Explorer in Olive Canvas

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