In Focus: The Marston Briefcase

An exercise in stylish simplicity, the Marston briefcase is one of our long-standing best-selling styles.
Understated, sleek and quiet in design yet highly functional, this is a true workhorse.

Like many of our designs, the Marston evolved in response to customer demand, in this case, from discerning businessmen in Japan who asked for a more formal outline than our satchel cases. Over the years that we’ve been making it, the Marston has become one of our best-selling bags and has been featured in many an article featuring the best leather briefcases, ranging from serious functional matters discussed by Business Insider to more stylistic concerns addressed by GQ Magazine.

What Marston owners say:

“This case is absolutely beautiful and professional looking. Upon using it the first day I began receiving compliments on the quality and the look of the case.”

“I started a new job and this was a present from my partner. A fantastic piece of workmanship, high quality and looks great in Black.”

Last year, we gave our Marston a full design upgrade on the inside to make sure it was delivering all the functionality needed for today’s business lifestyle.

A fully padded sleeve pocket cares for up to a 15-inch laptop in the regular-sized case and 13-inch device in the smaller bag. That leaves the main compartment clear, but with a padded floor in case you need to carry extra shock-sensitive stuff. There are two generous slip-pockets sized to hold smaller items – phones, passports, wallets or cables etc and a further small leather slip-pocket that will do the same. Then we also have a large zipped pocket on the inside wall of the bag for things that must stay extra secure.

The outside of the bag has two full-width slip pockets that take papers, newspapers or anything else you might need quick access to.

The main body of the bag is secured by a strong swiss zip (we only use Riri zips – the Rolls Royce of zippers) with tabs that can be snapped down onto the bag for a nice clean finish. And everything is stitched down strongly to withstand a very busy life. Further, our construction method for the Marston is such that the parts most likely to show wear through a busy life can be repaired – the handles, binding, zip and metal fittings can all be replaced if a Marston needs an overhaul down the line.
(For more on our repair service, click here.)

As with all our bags, only premium, full-grain leathers are used, which means they are as naturally robust as possible. Any scratches acquired can usually be polished out but, in any case, will mellow into the leather’s patina that will build as the bag ages and softens into life with its owner.

Get Closer

Without actually getting one of these beauties in your hands to turn it over, breathe in the gorgeous leather smell and inspect the craftsmanship for yourself, the next best thing you can do is watch this little story to see a film of Alistair Tusting giving his personal tour of the Marston.

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