Clipper Leather Satchel in Sundance Floodlight

One of our longest-running and best selling bags - the perfect business satchel.

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Best quality leather bag

Review by PK
I bought this bag about 2 weeks ago having visited the showroom to make sure that it was the right size and design for my needs. I have not been disappointed. This is clearly a quality bag that I know will serve me well for many years to come.

There are 3 aspects of its quality that stand out; the design, the construction and the leather.The design is perfect. Its simple but easily accommodates my laptop and other accessories whilst looking smart enough for the office but relaxed enough for other occasions. The construction is sturdy and well thought out; the inner lining feels like it will last for ever and the front pockets are ideal for storing additional items such as earphones, passport, etc. Finally the leather is just simply the best I have come across of this type. It can only be appreciated up close and once touched; the website images cannot really do it justice. (Posted on 25/01/2014)

Much more than I expected

Review by Rick
I have wanted this or a similar bag for years. Santa delivered in 2013. The quality is perfect. Everything they say about it seems to be an understatement. Well worth the investment, and it will be my forever bag. Yes the strap is way too short. I would like to see an ID tag included that will save me and yet not ruin the aesthetic. (Posted on 25/12/2013)

Great Quality, Durable

Review by D
This is a large bag. Many will find the "compact" version adequate. But when the compact version won't do, this roomier version will carry laptops easily (even 15 laptops) along with a charger, mouse, legal notepads, and a host of other items. If you need something larger, you're probably going to carry enough stuff that you should start thinking about something with wheels.

You might find the strap too short by several inches. You can try drilling (not poke) additional holes but if that isn't enough, Tusting sells replacement straps that are 6" and 12" longer, but the shipping costs from England are stiff -- but they are very nice people to deal with.

Made of full grain cowhide, the bag is as durable as leather gets. This is not a painted leather like most of the goatskin junk you see these days-- it is stained and waxed. It has a slightly waxy feel and should be retreated occasionally with a high quality leather cream. Dry leather wears out faster than treated leather.

Rub it down with a white tissue before first use to be sure no excess wax/oil will come off.

The extra closures for the two front pockets might be overkill but they give the bag a certain look that perhaps is more ranchhand than urbanite--but look at the pics and decide for yourself. It's very well made--the pattern cuts are even and matching cuts are uniform, the stitching is even and straight and the stitch lines all end with backstitiching. Tusting hand makes very nice bags. (Posted on 14/09/2012)

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