The City Magazine encourages Londoners to leave the hot, sticky City and escape to paradise for some much needed R&R. Tempting us with white sand beaches and the promise of Adult only Villas in idyllic countries like Costa Rica and Zanzibar.

You will of course need a trusty, stylish bag to hold all your bottles of sun cream. So you don’t burn the instant you step out of the aeroplane!  Our Classic Gladstone Tourer Brown Leather Holdall has been proclaimed a Hero! It is the perfect bag for your summer getaway and the ideal size to house all your belongings. The aesthetic aspects of the bag are obviously in addition to the support you will be giving to the British economy.

The Gladstone Tourer bag was actually designed for Oscar Wilde’s film ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ but was so popular it became an addition to the Tusting catalogue.


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