Testimonials – our customers talk

We know that people appreciate outstanding quality products and impeccable customer service.


We try very hard to deliver both of these at all times and and like everyone, we thrive on a bit of praise! However, the purpose of this page is to let prospective customers hear what some previous ones have said, so here is a selection of our favourite comments.


If you would like to give us some general feedback, we would love to hear it – please just send us a message with this form.

Great British Quality

Your products are in my view the Rolls Royce of luggage and really demonstrate what Great Britain stands for in quality products and family values within a family run British company. A credit to you, your family, your products and clearly the unseen staff that specialise in the various areas of the workshop.

Nick Holloran

We promise to be here for your bag long after you buy it…

I just wanted to say thank you for carrying out the repair work to my bag. I received the case back a couple weeks ago and have been very busy so did not get around to opening it until today.  I want to thank you and all the staff at Tusting for getting this case in tip top shape. I am very, very pleased with the way it came out and wanted to leave my comments on the workmanship and service I received.  I normally do not do that but it is so exceptional that I felt that I wanted to tell other people about it. I have been looking for a briefcase manufacturer who would fix their product when things get worn or need fixing and now I have now found one.  This has more than met my expectations.

Fred Rupp

 On a Travel Brief with Bespoke Adjustments:

The case that arrived on Friday was everything that I had expected – and more besides. It is always a joy to see, and own, a fine piece of craftsmanship, and your craftsmen and woman have excelled themselves in this respect.  Accordingly, I should be most grateful if you would pass on my warm congratulations on a truly superb job to all those involved. Please also accept my personal thanks for agreeing to undertake the task in the first instance and, in addition, I should like to place on record my deep appreciation to the ever- helpful Sarah Mowbray for her central role in bringing the whole process to such successful conclusion.

PE, Chester

 Posted on our Facebook page:


Posted on our Facebook Page, this is testimonial for a Grafton Briefcase







So good they bought it twice…

A Fisherman Bag in Aztec Crazyhorse Leather:

Thank you.  I bought this same briefcase many years ago for my husband,  he adored it and always received compliments on the unusual look and quality.  Two years ago it was stolen and he has been mourning it’s loss ever since.  This year, I braved the extra cost involved in buying direct from England.  He will be very happy to see it under the tree:)   Thank you for getting it here on time.
Arlene Verne

On choosing a briefcase…

Writing to thank Xanthe in your customer/sales team for such excellent customer service. She helped me with my Buckingham briefcase purchase over a couple of calls. So polite, friendly and professional. Exactly in line with the image of your family business.

All I have to do now is enjoy your product (it smells great!) which I am looking forward to.
Thanks again

Tusting and The Law…

I received the bag (Strixton in Aztec) last week and I could not be happier with it. It is far better than I could have imagined and will serve as a great replacement to my newly retired Tusting bag. I have recommended Tusting to my peers and colleagues over the years and will continue to do so. In fact one of my co-Workers purchased a Melchbourne bag a few years ago on my recommendation. Tusting continues to provide quality goods and perhaps more importantly your customer service is outstanding. Thanks again for the fine bag.

Sincerely, Jesse Evans, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney

A Stunning Testimonial

A customer recently sent us this completely unsolicited testimonial. It is very complimentary, so, modest though we are, we couldn’t resist sharing it, as that is what it is meant for:

When I bought my Grafton Laptop Bag from an independent Tusting seller I did not fully know and comprehend just what a marvellous investment I had made. The Grafton Laptop Bag is truly wonderful; it is soft, stylish and the capacity it holds is truly remarkable! The bag has fallen onto gravel a few times from lifting it from the car – whilst otherwise multitasking – and I am always amazed at the bags ‘healing powers’ – just a quick rub and the marks have totally vanished.

I am also delighted to report that the services I have received from Tusting themselves has been truly outstanding, although I did not make the original purchase with them. They are, I am in no doubt, a company that puts the thoughts, feeling and considerations of their customers in the utmost regard and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Tusting will continue to go from strength to strength due to this fact: when you buy one of their products, you are not just a customer, but you have been accepted into a ‘family’ where like all good ‘parents’ the needs and wants of their own are met! 

I bestow to Tusting the highest of respect, I wish them all the very best for the future and I look forward to many years to come using my Grafton Bag and also being a Tusting customer – I will also endeavour to spread the word of the fabulous company that is Tusting!

Harry Wolstenholme.

Writing to The Times

When Linda Garratt emailed one evening recently with a plea for advice on how to rescue her lovely Cognac Alice Tote from a serious watery incident, we just did what we do – give experienced advice and help.

Linda thought it was more than she usually experiences and was kind enough to tell the world through the “On the bright side” section of the Troubleshooter page in The Times newspaper.

Thanks Linda!




Again, thank you for the incredible response. This is the best customer service I’ve received, and please feel free to use my comments for promotion. 

I love the bag, it is beautiful and well constructed. Given the prompt and thorough responses you’ve given me, I don’t think I will ever buy from another company.

All the best.

Austin Smith (Owner of a Tusting Clipper bag)


Bloody Gorgeous!

Hi Catherine

Whilst it was unfortunate that the portfolio could not be delivered within the original time scale, I have no hesitation in stating that it was absolutely well worth the wait.

The portfolio was a birthday present for my eldest son (just graduated as an Architect from Edinburgh Uni) to celebrate his being recruited (first job) by one of the top firms in Belfast.

He is absolutely delighted (as I am) with the quality of the craftmanship. To somewhat engage the vernacular, it is simply bloody gorgeous.

I first heard of Tusting through my subscription to “The Week” a couple of years ago, and have my sights firmly set on the Grand Tourer Wheeled Canvas & Leather Holdall, in Olive Canvas with Tan Atlantic Trim Leather; however with 3 offspring still at Uni in Scotland/England I have to get them off the payroll and step down from my role as Easyjet’s principal shareholder before I can allocate funds to “non essentials”.

Many thanks for your follow-up email. I will have no hesitation in recommending Tusting to anyone without children at University.

Kind regards,


ps………………if you have “testimonials” on your website, I’d love to see “bloody gorgeous” as a customer comment!.


High Praise


I have the medium Weekender in Aztec Crazy Horse – it is simply the greatest piece of luggage I have ever owned and I take it everywhere.

The design exudes quality while maintaining a simple and understated elegance. I love the fact the brand is on the inside – the bag is enough to stand on its own merits, full stop.

Kind Regards,

John Wegman


 Thoroughly Researched

We recently received the following thank you:


Dear Tusting,
I just wanted to write and thank you for the quality of service and of the goods you supplied to me recently. I ordered a Clipper bag and a portfolio in matching leather, but also a wider shoulder strap. None of this seemed to be too much trouble, and the quality of the goods is terrific. Thank you all very much.
Dr Matthew Patrick


We asked Dr Patrick if he minded us posting these comments on our website and his response was:

Please do feel free to use my comments on your website, I meant them very genuinely.
Actually I have never owned a Tusting product before, but I’m sure I will again. I was looking for a new leather briefcase for some time, but just couldn’t quite find the right thing. I then saw your advert in The Week, looked at your website, and was very interested. I went and looked at some of your bags in town (Picket and Fortnum and Masons) and decided the Clipper was exactly what I wanted (although I was very, very tempted by your Grafton and may end up buying one of those as well!). 

I think my choice was down to quality, longevity, and just the right style – sufficiently smart but also stylish.