Meet the team…

Ever wondered who does what here at Tusting? Well, come on in and meet the team – some of the key people are introduced here for you. And don’t forget you can see what they get up to on our videos page.

Members of the Tusting Family

Three members of the family run the Tusting ship.

Three members of the Tusting Family - from the left: William, Alistair and Gillian

William (left) and Alistair (centre) are the fifth generation of the family in the leather business. William, who is responsible for managing our worldwide sales, graduated from the University of Northampton, studying in the world-famous leather technology school there. After graduating, William joined the family firm and devoted all his enthusiasm to the ongoing development the business.

Alistair takes overall responsibility for running the company and is closely involved in finance and production management. He is a graduate of Cambridge University, having studied natural sciences and applied engineering there. After graduation, he worked in product design until, in 1990, about to take up an MBA place at Cranfield, he was invited to join the family business to develop the TUSTING brand of luggage.

Gillian is the head of marketing and e-commerce. A Physiology graduate of Edinburgh University, Gillian accumulated 10 years of management consulting experience before joining the Tusting family by marrying Alistair. She began to get involved with the business with part-time projects in 2002, gradually becoming a full member of the team.


Our Corporate Accounts are managed by Sharon Porter-Price.

Sharon lives just down the road from the warehouse in a gorgeous thatched cottage (so no excuses for being late to work for her).

SharonManaging the needs of our global stockists – all the stores around the world which sell our products – keeps Sharon out of trouble. At home, Sharon has a menagerie of animals including a newly acquired pair of ducks that are currently ruffling the feathers of her slightly disgruntled chickens.

Sharon's ducks


Jan Upton is our Accounts Manager

Jan is one of our longest serving staff and oversees all the financial dealings at Tusting – no-one gets any money unless Jan makes it happen, so we are all VERY nice to Jan. As our chief First Aider, Jan is also the superwoman on call for anything from needle spikes from the sewing machines in the factory to dizzy spells from the weight of orders in the warehouse (and even spotted a silent heart attack one day which the owner of said heart is pretty grateful for.) Since her children flew the nest, Jan has taken up dog agility and competes every weekend across the country with varying degrees of success depending on how cheeky the dogs are being. This is Tag – aiming for Crufts next year.

Jan's dog


Terry is our leather expert

Another of our very long-serving employees, Terry is the gateway through which all our leather must pass before it gets anywhere near becoming a bag. He also inspects and grades all of the hides which we supply to some of England’s most illustrious shoe factories in and around Northampton. And Terry is the one actually dressed in leather at going-home time – he loves his motor bike and uses it for his work commute whenever the weather allows.

Leather sorting and checking at TUSTING


Becky knows her way all around the world

Becky is in charge of our shipping department and makes sure that all orders and business shipments get to where they need to go at the right time and in the right shape. Aside from this, Becky is our Queen of Cakes – she is totally missing her vocation working for us, but we wouldn’t dare tell her because we’d miss the cakes far too much!

TUSTING | Shipping Dept


We have a large team here, and everyone plays a key role in what we do. Make a visit to our showroom and not only will you get to see the amazing array of bags we have, but all our lovely people and get a glimpse of the factory in full swing – we look forward to welcoming you!