Repairs to TUSTING Bags

Leather Bag Repairs and Refurbishment

We promise to stand by your TUSTING bag as long as it lives – if that includes a need for repairs we’re here for it. So, if wear and tear has got the better of your bag, or if the new puppy mistakenly thought that the handle was a heaven-sent chew, we will always do our best to bring it back to life.

Every repair is different, so we quote according to the work needing to be done. Often, the easiest way to start this process is for you to email photos of your bag and the areas of concern to us on We can then give you an indication of what will be needed. (Some repairs need the bag taken almost entirely apart, others are a very quick fix.)

You can see some examples of our repair service in this blog post.

Before and After... repairs can add another ten years to the life of your bag.


I just wanted to say thank you for carrying out the repair work to my bag.  I want to thank you and all the staff at Tusting for getting this case in tip top shape. I am very, very pleased with the way it came out and wanted to leave my comments on the workmanship and service I received.  I normally do not do that but it is so exceptional that I felt that I wanted to tell other people about it. I have been looking for a briefcase manufacturer who would fix their product when things get worn or need fixing and now I have now found one.  This has more than met my expectations.”

Fred Rupp, owner of a newly refurbished Tusting leather briefcase.

[Please note that we only undertake repairs to Tusting goods and not those made by other brands.]