Barbour Re-loved in partnership with Tusting

We are joining forces with Barbour to expand its Re-Loved project. This exciting new collaboration is built on our expertise and one of Barbour’s most iconic products – the waxed jacket. Through a dynamic and innovative process, we’ve been able to breathe new life into waxed jackets that no longer have a home – reimagining timeless materials in the form of a limited series of bespoke bags.

The process of making these bags starts with examining the coats. Each jacket has a unique history and quality, so we carefully choose the pattern pieces needed for each bag. The goal is to try to repurpose as many of the materials as possible – both large and small. We then cut into the fabric and reassemble each piece to make the three-dimensional shape of the bag. These bags then take on a new life that is truly grounded in sustainability.

The partnership with Barbour has allowed us to repurpose unused Barbour jackets into something modern and unique. We have produced a range of styles with Barbour now offering totes, holdalls and backpacks. Inside each bag, you will find a Limited-Edition label showcasing your unique number. With only 100 of these bags ever made, they really are a one-off accessory staple for any customer.

Tusting and Barbour believe in enjoying style without unnecessary waste. By pursuing this UK-based collaboration, our carbon footprint is minimised as much as possible.

To read more about this collaboration from Barbour’s perspective, please read here.

Now available at:
Selfridges (in-store only)

We joined forces with Barbour to ask some questions about the project’s background and mission. Here’s what Orlagh Husband, from Barbour had to say:

How did this idea come to life?

The idea first arose when we delved into the conversation regarding how we can extend the life of jackets that have been handed back to us which were beyond repair to keep as a jacket. Creating bags ensured we were offering another fantastic sustainable product option while opening up the offer to a unisex customer base. Bags have always been a very popular part of the product offer and so it only felt natural to combine the two ideas.

What’s the main purpose of the Re-Loved project?

The main purpose of the project was created by the slogan we were playing with ‘recycling & upcycling’ which aimed to give garments a new lease of life and extend their lifetime – giving our wax products the ability to last a lifetime, even if not in their original form.

Why make bags from waxed jackets as opposed to your other iconic products?

Bags have always been a key and popular part of our range all year round and features the option for a great unisex product that can be used by all. Totes can be used day to day whereas back pack / holdall can work for overnight stay, this to us was the perfect combination of products to appeal to the lifestyles Barbour champions. It was also a great way of using minimal parts multiple jackets that were no longer usable.

Why choose Tusting to work alongside Barbour on the Re-Loved project?

Tusting has long lent its expert knowledge of bag-making to assist Barbour in making authoritative decisions in its sourcing programmes.

This project is a very innovative and sustainable one – is this something you plan to implement long term?

Absolutely. Our Wax for Life initiatives and Re-loved projects are immensely important to us and will continue to be key to ensuring we are offering products that when looked after correctly, really can last a lifetime.

“We are very excited to be able to share in this project with Barbour to bring back life to old garments and make these truly unique bags for them. It demonstrates our team’s ability to utilise very varied raw materials and rise to the Re-loved challenge. We hope you love the results as much as we do.” Alistair Tusting, Director, Tusting

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