Alistair is a regular feature of London fashion events, often seen photographing the city’s most in-demand fashionistas as they go about their social and work commitments. We asked Alistair to create the images for our 2014/2015 Lookbook and Brochure, and to do it right in the heart of our world – our workshop, where creation is happening every minute we are working! Alistair is already an ambassador for a number of British brands and knew us well, so it was a natural fit for us both.

In a Nutshell, What Does Luxury Means to You

Good quality. Handmade. Exceptional good taste.

What Five Items Could You Not Live Without?

1. A camera. My Mamiya RZ67.
2. A Mr Start suit.
3. My black Brompton bike.
4. My beaten up black leather biker jacket.
5. A fast getaway car, my BMW Z4.

Why is ‘Made in Britain’ Important to You?

My life belongs in Britain and supporting British design is so important to us here with our long history of quality manufacturing and creativity.

Your Perfect Weekend?

Driving my car with the hood down on a sunny day along an exciting and winding, traffic-less road to a countryside house with a perfect restaurant and spa to unwind.

4 x 4 or 2-Seater?

A 2-seater. I think you could have guessed that from my last comments!

Although he is a specialist in portraiture, Alistair’s work covers many genres and can be seen on his website. Our 2014 photoshoot featured his friend Jack Guinness as our star male model.

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