A Groundbreaking Project with Richard Nicoll and Vodafone

We had the pleasure of developing, with designer Richard Nicoll, and mobile phone giant Vodafone, the phone-charging tote bag that created quite a media frenzy when it was released at Richard's Fashion Week show in February 2012. We adapted one of our existing designs to carry the technology. Unfortunately, at the time of this update (Sept 2013) Vodafone have not proceeded with the technology, so it seems that for now, we all have to carry on without a-bag-that-charges. See below for a little film of the concept and Richard's inspiration for the show.


Press Release from Richard Nicoll, 19th Feb 2012:

"Acclaimed British designer, Richard Nicoll today unveiled a concept re-charging tote bag, created in partnership with Vodafone UK, as part of his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

The cutting edge accessory fuses technology with catwalk style and means fashion-conscious mobile phone users need never worry about their smartphone or tablet running out of power when they are out and about. The tote bag was shown for the first time today during Richard Nicoll’s Autumn/Winter 2012 presentation.

On the creation of the bag, Richard Nicoll said: “We wanted to create a collaborative product that fused fashion and technology. The recharging bag is especially relevant for my collection this season, because its about the notion of work and all its facets in modern times. Vodafone have helped bring this idea alive in a way that we never could have done ourselves.”

The exclusive re-charging tote bag has been developed in partnership with Vodafone’s innovation team and merges practicality with beautiful design. Charged magnetically by induction, the battery powered bag will hold enough charge to power the most demanding smartphone for a couple of days. Phones are plugged into a discrete inside pocket containing a retractable cable which enables the phone to be used even when charging. A Bluetooth-enabled LED charm, that hangs on the outside of the bag, acts as an indicator for incoming calls, phone notifications, and remaining battery life, meaning customers never miss a call or text. After multiple uses, the bag can be re-charged by attaching a magnetic charger to the outside of the bag.

Danielle Crook, Vodafone UK’s Director of Brand Marketing said: “It’s been amazing to see what can be achieved when two British brands come together to create something truly inspirational in today's unveiling of the first ever recharging tote bag. Our partnership with Richard Nicoll has resulted in a first for the fashion industry and a unique initiative for women everywhere who want to keep connected.”

The tote bag has been developed with British leather goods company, Tusting, which has a heritage stretching back over 130 years."

At his London Fashion Week show this weekend, Richard Nicoll unveiled a fabulous range of pure white pieces which complemented the pared-down beauty of his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection perfectly. In an original take on the catwalk show, Richard ran a rolling presentation show, which allowed press and buyers to get up close and personal with the collection of clothes and accessories - bags by Tusting and shoes by Manolo Blanik.

(Image by Jermaine Francis)

Here is a video prepared for this show, which includes scenes filmed in our workshop during the preparation of the samples of the charging tote and other pieces for the show.

TUSTING for Richard Nicoll Video

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