Why Choose TUSTING?

We think you should choose TUSTING because…

We cherish our customers like family and listen to their views.

Nobody knows more about leather, our craft is our passion.

Achieving the highest level of quality is our minimum standard – we do this naturally.

We source the very finest materials available.

We expect our products to last a generation and hope they will be handed down.

We stay true to the benefits of English styling whilst blending this with contemporary colours and styles.

Our ranges are developed to be distinctive and complementary, enabling you to build up a co-ordinating set of products to match your needs.

TUSTING products are held in very high regard because of the craftsmanship, care and understanding that goes into producing every single bag. They are universally loved for the rich, warm quality of the leather, exceptionally durable fittings and for the utter practicality of our timeless, classic designs.


Our Guarantee

Here at TUSTING we do our level best to make sure you are satisfied with any product we have supplied. However, if, when you receive it, any item falls short of your expectations, please return it to us, unused. We will promptly refund or replace the item, as you prefer.

We expect our products to last a long number of years in active service with you and, with care, they will often still be going strong when you want to hand them to the next generation. Should wear and tear mean that your bag requires repair, we will be happy to repair it (where possible) and will quote according to the work required. If, in the unlikely event of a repair being required as a result of a defect in manufacture, we will of course repair it free of charge. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.