About us


Our heritage

From the Archives | TUSTINGTUSTING is a family firm based in the heart of the English countryside, with its roots deep in the English leather and shoe trade. The fifth generation of the family is now at the helm, following a long line of Tustings who have been tanning, grading and trading the world’s finest leathers for over 130 years. Our current workshop lies close to the original tannery founded in 1875 by our great, great, grandfather and is home to our new generation of highly skilled craftsmen. It is perfectly placed to draw on the considerable talents of local leatherworkers, many of whose families also share in this heritage.

This deep and expert knowledge is the secret ingredient that guarantees the selection of the perfect leather for each exquisite piece made in our workshop. In the hands of our talented team of Craftsmen and Women these flawless materials become wonderful products, which combine truly original character with unmistakable quality. Indeed, it is the products themselves that communicate their own value and quality. More than twenty years since the first briefcases were produced, many are still in everyday use. They look wonderful, having matured beautifully and acquired the mellow patina and distinctive personality of a classic piece of furniture.

Our Culture

Our outstanding heritage is combined with five critical ingredients to bring you the very finest leather products available today:

  • A vibrant workforce highly skilled in the full range of leatherworking techniques
  • Thoughtful and responsive design solutions that defy transient fashions
  • Meticulously chosen materials of the very finest quality
  • Advanced production methods
  • The very best customer service

These key factors enable us to achieve our goal: to always provide you with a luxury product that will satisfy the demands of the modern lifestyle and yet will retain that distinctive and classic TUSTING ‘look’.

Our Promise

By owning a TUSTING product, you become a valued member of our extended family. We will remain committed to the quality and durability of the product long after you take ownership and we will always be on hand to help if you require advice or assistance in caring for it.

If you already own a TUSTING bag – no matter how long you have had it – please Register It Here – you are already a part of the family!